Bereavement Care

As part of our services we provide a confidential and sympathetic ear. However, once the funeral is over, you may still feel that you need to express your thoughts and feelings with someone else. Contacting a Bereavement Councillor is an ideal way of sharing your grief, with someone who has a good understanding of what you are experiencing and can say “I know how you feel” and really mean it.


Clergy have a duty to provide parochial care to their parishioners. They are experienced listeners, not just preachers. Many churches have lay carers who can visit, to at least share a pot of tea.


Please remember, there is no shame in mourning the death of someone you love. Expressing your grief is a vital part of  bereavement.


Bereavement is a time full of bad days. Constant reminders occur evoking memories of the death of someone close. It is not a process of getting over it, more a matter of getting used to it. The bad days will slowly get further apart. You will always remember.

The one thing we can not do for you is

register the death.

Text Box: N.A.F.D. Bereavement Careline
Details provided when making funeral arrangements 

Cruse Bereavement Care
Helpline 020 8332 7227
Exeter & District Branch 01392 272406  (not 24hr)

Sidmouth Link
Therapeutic Bereavement Group 01395 514445  (not 24hr)

The service we provide is all

about helping you through

one of the most stressful

times of your life. There are

many things to be done.

We can help with many of

the practical problems relating

to the funeral.

Don’t bottle it up. If someone says to you ‘come on now, be strong, don’t cry’,      ignore them — Cry!