All Faiths & Non-Faiths


We are funeral directors for all people.


The majority of funerals we arrange are for the more common denominations; Church of England, Roman Catholic, and the various Presbyterian and Free Churches. We are familiar with the various customs and rites for many different faiths and have resources available enabling us to understand the requirements of others with which we deal less often.


We never assume in any way how a funeral should be performed. We change our style and perform our duties as is appropriate to suit each individual occasion, and without prejudice.


Our local reference book contains all the necessary contact details for all the local Churches and Religious groups here in Sidmouth and the surrounding area. As part of our service we will contact the appropriate church, minister, or person to help preside or officiate at the funeral.


You do not have to have a minister of religion officiate at a funeral. If you wish a funeral to be a non-religious occasion, then it should be. There are two main options open to you, either; ‘do it yourself’ or we can arrange for an accredited officiant of the British Humanist Association to lead you through the service.


Humanists believe in the good in human beings and care for moral issues, but not from a religious standpoint and allude to humanity rather than the supernatural.


Otherwise members of the family or friends can contribute with tributes, poetry and music to form the content of a funeral.




Music at funerals is all important. So much can be expressed through hymns, songs, and live or recorded pieces. A typical funeral would include a hymn or two and voluntaries played either on the organ or CD player, as we enter and leave the chapel or church. The selection however, is entirely up to you.


Music can be performed or played during the service too. It does not have to be  Elton John playing live to be special, a relative playing the flute, Monty Python’s ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ or Queen’s ‘Who wants to live forever’ can make the occasion personal and right for you.