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Potburys Funeral Service, 111 High Steet, Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 8LB


Potburys Funeral Service

Service to the local community since 1861


Potburys Funeral Service

Service to the local community since 1861


Potburys Funeral Service

Service to the local community since 1861

Welcome to Potburys Funeral Service

We provide a discreet and professional service which offers you personal and practical assistance. In all matters regarding funeral arrangements we will, if you require, accept complete responsibility.

We hope that this website outlines many of the legal requirements and personal formalities required at this time. We know from experience how demanding this occasion can be and hope these guidelines will be of some assistance to you. Remember that our staff are always available to help you along the way.

In the matter of funeral arrangements, a wide range of services, both standard and optional, are available. We hope these will enable you to choose the most suitable course of action for your own personal needs whilst accommodating all financial considerations.

Many of our clients will be facing these circumstances for the first time and will be unsure of the most practical course of action. With this in mind we have also included information about the financial, legal and more personal aspects of bereavement. We hope this information is helpful.

Finally, we would like to assure you that all enquiries are dealt with in the most professional manner, without obligation on your own part, and in the strictest confidence


Polite Notice to all visitors

During the outbreak on Coronavirus, we will endeavour to keep this office fully staffed where possible during normal office hours. Whilst we remain open, the entrance door will be locked. If you wish to speak to a member of our staff or wish to make any arrangements, please call 01395 513355 (Or simply knock on the door).

We kindly request that all visitors ensure that they have followed Public Health guidelines to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Thank you for your full cooperation.

We are now ‘downsizing’ existing funerals, East Devon Crematorium and Exeter and Devon Crematorium are still operating for the foreseeable future allowing only a small limited number of people to attend funerals though most people (friends not family) are choosing to stay away or just be outside to see the coffin carried in.

Church services at the moment can be held but with only 5 in attendance. There would be no organist or verger in attendance. When this is all over a Thanksgiving Service can be arranged.

Please stay safe and look after yourselves and each other.